Domestic Violence Attorney Tuscaloosa AL

Alabama Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Domestic Violence charges can affect your life

A domestic violence conviction can prevent your from possessing a license to carry a firearm and endanger your ability to obtain employment as a security guard or police officer. A conviction can also be used against you in Circuit Court in a child custody case to prove you are unfit to have primary custody (and in some cases any custody) of your minor children. A domestic violence conviction in Alabama - even a class B sexual assault misdemeanor - carries a possible requirement to register as a sex offender in your community for several years. A misdemeanor becomes "domestic violence" charge (such as domestic violence harassment) if you are related to (by blood or marriage), live with, or have an ongoing relationship with another person (dating).

Some types of misdemeanors that become "DV" cases are:
- Spousal abuse
- Child abuse
- Assault and battery
- Restraining order violation
- Stalking, harassment
- Verbal threats

If you have been arrested for a domestic violence charge, you may be required to take Family Counseling classes. I encourage you to contact me for legal assistance with your domestic violence charge.