Court Referral Officers

What You Need to Know

The Court Referral Officer (CRO) administers tests and evaluates defendants in order to determine the appropriate classes or treatment for defendants. The Tuscaloosa Municipal Court Referral Officer is Ms. Nancy Mathews. Ms. Mathews is an extremely nice person who has worked with thousands of individuals in Municipal Court. (If you are not in Tuscaloosa Municipal Court, please do not call Ms. Matthews).

If you will simply do EXACTLY what Ms. Mathews tells you to do, your "passage" through the Court Referral Office will be uneventful. Please do not mistake Ms. Mathews wonderful personality for being a "softy". If you fail to show up at the office as required or take the classes or attend the treatment program that Ms. Mathews specifies for you, your next visit to Municipal Court will probably be in front of the Judge. You WILL need to call me.

The numbers for the Court Referral office are Phone (205) 349-0513 and Fax: (205) 247-7848

The Office is Open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Alvin P. DuPont Municipal Court Building. The office is the door directly across the hall from the entrance to the Courtroom.

There are fees involved in the referral process. Currently the Fees are:
- Evaluation fee $75.00
- Monitoring fee $30
- Drug screen fee $25.00

All fees are subject to change. You should bring the fees in CASH and you will be given a receipt. If you have any questions about the fees - make sure you ask Ms. Mathews.

If you need to change the date of an evaluation or monitoring, do not call as no continuances will be granted by phone. You must physically go to the Court Referral Office to request a continuance.

If your case is in Tuscaloosa District Court or Northport Municipal Court you will have a different CRO.