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If a legal issue has you searching for a Tuscaloosa, AL, lawyer, schedule a free initial consultation with the lawyers of the Ford Firm and Attorney Randal S. Ford. We help our clients in Tuscaloosa, AL, with all sorts of cases. Whether you were injured because the negligence of others or arrested for a drug crime or charged with driving under the influence, we're skilled at knowing just how to proceed to make sure your case goes smoothly. We can clarify what your legal options are and advise you on the best course of action.

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Our Tuscaloosa based law firm works with several types of cases so we can handle your auto accident, defective product and wrongful death legal proceedings. We feel that each case is unique, and that's why we work to get to know you and your individual situation. As one of our clients, you can depend on receiving our personal attention. We'll work with your busy schedule by offering flexible appointment availability.

Skilled Criminal Defense To Address Your Needs

If circumstances have you in need of the services of a Tuscaloosa, AL, criminal defense lawyer, The Ford Firm and Lawyer Randal S. Ford is available to assist you. We are experienced and skillful at representing our clients and have helped people throughout the United States with their Tuscaloosa criminal case. If your case in Tuscaloosa, AL, seems complicated and you're not sure what to do next, we can help. We work within the legal system day in and day out, and will be there beside you as your case moves forward. You can rest a little easier, knowing that you have a capable legal advocate watching out for you who has over 20 years of experience in court. Call us right away and we can discuss how to proceed.

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